This is the revised version of the logo that myself and ABC are happy with. We tightened up the line weights and removed the rounded corners.

This is what it looks like in its raw single colour form: red-on-white and black-on-white versions. This is how it will appear on screen most of the time. For authenticating prints etc, we can get rubber stamps made to use with red ink and stamp the logo alongside our signature – using a rubber stamp will add it’s own character and texture to the use of the logo.

This is what it looks like over the top of photos. Only the black or white version should be used here. This usage will be avoided if possible, and should only be used on zine covers, workshop posters, etc – where a photo is used as part of the page background and text and the logo are laid over the top.

And here are some mockups of the logo above to show how it might appear on paper and leather, to give you an idea. Hopefully, this demonstrates that very little has changed with the actual design.